I'm on a journey to improve my health and overall strength and wanted something new. The instructor is Ah-MAZING! You don't have to be in shape to have fun and make progress in her classes. It is such a welcoming/inclusive atmosphere and will have you smiling and feeling so darn good about yourself!

- S. P.
I wanted to try out pole fitness after having my 3rd child. I just wanted to do something for myself and get fit while doing it and I have been doing it ever since. There is no competition. The only person you are trying to beat is yourself. There is no judgement from others in the class. Just lots of laughs and encouragement. I highly recommend Go-Diva's Pole Dance for Fitness.

- G. F.
The classes are fun, challenging and you walk away feeling great and you even get a boost of confidence. The fitness improves with every week and its a great way to get in shape and socialize. The instruction is one on one, positive, considerate and very personable. I would recomend anyone to give it a try!"

I mean every word! Its fun and something different and there's no judgement. You do a great job!

- Dallas P.
I started coming to Go-Diva's Pole Fitness shortly after moving to Swift current and have made some life long friends in these classes. Virginia is incredibly helpful and a positive reinforcer. You’ll often hear her cheering on all of us during a tough move. On our tough days where we feel like we’re failing, she gives us a gentle reminder that this takes time and eventually we will get that move and we’ll feel amazing afterwards. Hands on learning, positive environment and a great workout! You won’t believe what you can do if you stick with it! Personally I feel empowered, happy and my self confidence has grown class over class! She f*#@ing rocks!

- Katie G.
I dropped in to Go-Diva's Pole Dance for Fitness to tryout a class. Virginia was excellent. She is very positive, patient and encouraging. So I signed up for the session. Her teaching methods break everything down so you think it’s easier than it is. She watches closely during the sessions and corrects mistakes early so you don’t create bad habits. Her positivity and enthusiasm gives you the confidence to try things you didn’t think you could do. “Stick with me, and I’ll get you there” she says of the complex move! She is always smiling and makes the classes a great part of any day. I would highly recommend trying out her class. You won’t regret it.

- Leea G.
I was so scared to try pole dancing and I'm so thankful I did. From week to week I get so excited for my class and my confidence has grown so much! It a great experience and recommend everyone should at least try it. With Virginia being such an awesome teacher you will be amazed by what you can do.

- Jaelynn E.
...Before I started pole dancing I was not confident with myself in front of groups of people and I never saw myself as being sexy but now I feel great and have the confidence to dance and fun doing it! ...I am surrounded by men every day in school and will be again surrounded by men at work so pole dancing is the place I go after to feel a little girly and show off my feminine side!

I love feeling the accomplishment of finally getting the new moves we learn in class because every one takes precision, practice and strength. Not only does the class give me a workout and a good time, I have made friends that I am so glad to have!

- Casandra E.
I started pole dancing in April this year with a friend from work. It's so much fun! Virginia has small classes so it makes it personal and one on one. It's also a fantastic work out!

- Shawneen E.
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